Eurodon Trading Ltd. works and partners with some of the biggest Russian refineries. That allows us to offer exclusively variety of high-quality fuels. To ensure their supreme quality, Eurodon Trading Ltd. fuels are subjected to multiple controls throughout all stages of their distribution before reaching end consumers. All of our products could be delivered with 1.500 to 30.000 MT vessels on basis FOB Azov Sea and FOB Black Sea.

Fuel Oil

Eurodon Trading Ltd. provides its customer network with two main types of residual fuel oil:

  • 1Residual Oil 1500 Sulfur Content 1%
  • 1Residual Oil 3000 Sulfur Content 1%


Eurodon Trading Ltd. undertakes to provide for the needs of the industry high-quality bitumen.

It is provided in a basic type of conventional asphalt (50/70) and is used mainly in road works.

Liquid Fuels

To satisfy the needs of the industry, Eurodon Trading Ltd. offers:

  • 1Gasoline for industrial purposes according to TU 38.401-58-174-96
  • 1Gasoline for direct export (Nafta) in SRT 11605031 - 008 – 2006
  • 1Household fuel, IV type according to TU 38.101656 – 2005
  • 1Fuel oil 100, IV, ash, with pour point up to 25 °C according to GOST 10585
  • 1Fuel oil of 40, IV type, ash, with a pour point of up to 10 °C according to GOST 10585
  • 1Marine fuel ISO-F-DMA (ISO-F-DMA)
  • 1Marine fuel ISO-F-BC (ISO-F-RMG 380)
  • 1Marine fuel ISO-F-RMF (ISO-F-RMF 180)
  • 1Diesel fuel L - 0,2 - 62/40 in accordance with GOST 305-82
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